Tom Penhale is a dynamic singer/songwriter, flautist, and electric wind instrument (EWI) player living in Newton, Massachusetts. With his EWI, Tom has 356 sounds from which to choose. Some are quite authentic to the instrument they simulate, while others have their own distinctive voice. When combined with his flute and the talents of other fine musicians, a unique blend of rock and jazz is born.


Information on Tom's music background and experience as a web designer, webmaster, web content strategist, and email marketer can be found on his Bio page.


Tom is a now a member of Satigata, a Buddhist folk/rock dance chant band.  What an amazing, ever-evolving experience this has been!  Here's a video from a performance.


"The Leap" has lifted off!

In his first Blog entry, Tom tells about his inspiring Work that Reconnects workshop experience and provides album “liner notes” for his Leap Time EP as well as news on the The Leap Time Project in the works. A video of him performing "Right Here, Right Now" at the 2016 workshop has been posted recently. 

Sample clips from "The Leap" can be heard below and downloaded in their entirety. With these songs, seeds are being sown for the post-Trump world as we deepen our connection to the web of life and find our role in turning the tide.

These tracks are being sold exclusively on this website and Bandcamp, two websites which encourage fans to directly support emerging and established musicians. One especially nice feature with Bandcamp is a free app that makes it easy to play your downloads and gives you the opportunity to check out very specific genres and regions of the country.  Lyrics for my songs can be viewed there.  And for you audiophiles out there, higher quality WAV and FLAC files are available there.


As of 1/23/18 this album has begun streaming throughout
the world through Spotify, ITunes, Apple, Napster and all the rest!


All songs written by Tom Penhale 

All songs co-produced by Tom Penhale and Elizabeth Lorrey except: 
"Going Deeper, Rising Higher" and "Leap Time" produced by Tom Penhale 

Vocals, Flute, Electric wind instrument (EWI), Percussion recorded at Lofty Goals.

Acoustic guitar, Keyboards recorded at Lorrey Sounds 

Drums for all songs recorded at Chillhouse Recording Studio except: 
Drums for "Right Here, Right Now" and "From the Void" recorded at Copperhead Studios 

Website photography by Randi Freundlich Photography and Meira Appell 

Cover art by Tom Penhale

CLICK HERE for the lineup of musicians, behind-the-scenes views of the making of The Leap, and the future of the project.

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