~ Website work ~

Tom has always been intrigued by computers and all the possibilities that the internet offers. Broadly skilled in all things web, he is looking to assist you as a freelance writer, editor, web designer, webmaster, web content strategist, and email marketer. For those of you potential employers taking a look at this website, perhaps listening to his impassioned music, let it be known that Tom is actually a very even-tempered, civil, open-minded individual with a good sense of humor. Hire him and you'll get one of the hardest-working, dedicated employees you'll ever come across. Just ask any of his former employers who can be viewed on Linkedin where his wide range of website skills is described in detail.

~ Musician ~

Tom can thank Jethro Tull for his becoming a musician back in his junior year in high school. Ian Anderson's flute playing inspired him to pick up the flute and has been a tremendous source of inspiration ever since. 

In his thirties, Tom lived in Los Angeles, making a living as a temp, writing screenplays in his spare time. His final screenplay, "Practically Dreaming", was a slightly futuristic (15 years in the future), thought-provoking, musical production that dealt with much the same energy issues that we are facing today. It drew great interest but was never able to get off the ground.  The possibility of resurrecting this script still exists, seeing how relevant it still is today.

Tom recorded flute on albums of Russ Tolman and Frank Palmieri while living in Los Angeles. On the East coast, he has played live with John Totaro and recorded with The Trance. In the summer of 2010, Tom played with the legendary Blues Traveler at the Redhook Fest in Portsmouth, NH.

Until eight years ago Tom's songwriting was mostly flute-driven. With the discovery of the Akai Electric Wind Instrument (EWI), his songwriting has opened up in ways never imagined. We are continually amazed by the sounds he can get out of this instrument.

In recent years Tom has dedicated much of his time to the recording of his songs in his tiny studio in Newton, Massachusetts. With many songs in various stages of completion to choose from, he decided upon four songs for an EP. Tom was most fortunate to come across Elizabeth Lorrey who was brought in on acoustic guitar and keyboards and played such a significant role that she became a co-producer on three of the songs. As the four songs were nearing completion, Tom could not resist adding one more song to the EP, an instrumental called “Going Deeper, Rising Higher”. The now five-song EP, entitled The Leap, was released in July 2016.